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Welshpool Printing Group Improves Operations With LED-UV From AMS Spectral UV

Monday, October 22, 2018


Welshpool, U.K. – For more than 50 years, Welshpool Printing Group has served the United Kingdom by offering quality litho print solutions that have built its reputation as a trustworthy business partner and a provider of exceptional overall service. As the Mid Wales-based company has evolved and expanded its capabilities over the decades, growing to £3M annual sales, it has continued to seek ways to offer better solutions to its customers through continuous improvement efforts.

Recently, one of these solutions was to retrofit a Komori LS829P with an LED-UV curing system from AMS Spectral UV – A Baldwin Technology Company.

According to Ian Jones, director of WPG, the company was looking to decrease press downtime and eliminate marking on an 8-color Komori perfector it had acquired in 2017, with the goal of eventually equipping the press with an LED system.

“We decided to wait until the press had bedded in and was up and running, and for the operators to be confident on the press, before we added LED,” Jones explained, noting the Komori came with a conventional spray powder setup, which was they only ink-drying process they had ever used at WPG.

Jones said he first learned about LED-UV curing from his print engineer, who told him the technology was phenomenal, and that in 2017 when the company was looking to buy a machine, they had a chance to see a press equipped with LED-UV from AMS Spectral UV running and in action.

“I was wowed by how impressive it was,” Jones said, noting that this live demonstration solidified WPG’s interest in LED technology, and also in AMS Spectral UV as a potential supplier.

Additionally, according to Jones, his research and conversations with other printers indicated that “AMS was the best lamp on the market by far,” which led WPG to officially go with the industry-leading manufacturer when they decided to invest in an LED-UV curing system for the Komori perfector in 2018.

According to Jones, the purchase and installation process for the LED-UV system was easy – he said there were “no difficulties at all, from point of order to installation – the installation was brilliant and ahead of schedule, and AMS engineer Mark Burgess was great and helpful in any way possible.”

WPG’s press setup includes two XO Series™ lamps from AMS Spectral UV – one positioned in the interdeck just after the first 4 print units, and the second in the swan neck of the delivery. The company now runs silk, gloss, offset and plastics on the machine, producing everything from magazines to stationary for its discerning customers.

Regarding the change in printing process from a conventional spray powder setup to LED, Jones reports that the press operators were “shocked completely with how instantly dry the ink was on paper, and by how jobs without a gutter and with heavy ink coverage on both sides wouldn’t mark when we were perfecting … they also were surprised by how vibrant the color looked on paper.”

Jones said there was a small learning curve for operators: “With LED-UV, the ink and water balance requires a smaller window before emulsification, but we have good operators and they got to grips with it pretty quick.” He quipped about the changeover process: “It’s not as scary as I was warned about.”

When asked what the biggest changes since installing LED-UV have been, Jones pointed to the increase in productivity as being the biggest noticeable difference. “The LED has reduced the amount of day-to-day cleaning we have on the cylinders, swan neck and in the delivery,” he noted, adding that the pressroom is in general “without a doubt” cleaner since they no longer use spray powder on the Komori.

According to Jones, the press operators “love” running the LED-equipped perfector: “The lads running the LED press hate going back on our conventional 5-color,” he said, noting that “they find LED user friendly and feel that a lot of the headaches they used to have every day, have been eliminated by it.”

Regarding customer response, Jones reports that WPG’s customers are greatly appreciating the improvement in quality that LED-based printing provides. “The customers love the more vibrant images, and the difference in quality they are receiving,” he confirmed.

In terms of other changes, WPG’s turnaround times have improved since installing the LED-UV system from AMS Spectral UV, Jones said. “The finishing department can instantly start work, and LED has eliminated a lot of down time in the bindery as there is obviously a lot less cleaning to deal with – all the substrates they handle are instantly dry.”

Another time-saving benefit, he said, is that WPG’s operators “don’t have to wash the press up at the end of the week, as the ink won’t cure on the rollers or in the ducts.”

To other operators considering investing in LED-UV technology, Jones would offer the following advice: “From our point of view, the LED worked from day one and did exactly what it was supposed to. The ink and chemistry were the biggest learning curve, and the headache for me was finding the right products that suited us.”

The cost of investing in LED-UV isn’t small, but Jones summed up that it is in the long run worth it: “Obviously the initial cost of LED is expensive, especially because we bought two modules for our perfector, but the extra production we are getting – which is about 10 hours a week out of the machine – is more than helping recoup the initial cost.”



UV & IR Systems
Baldwin creates global UV curing powerhouse
by acquiring Air Motion Systems
ST. LOUIS – Jan. 24, 2017 – Two major players in the UV curing systems industry, Air Motion Systems, Inc. (AMS) and Baldwin Technology Company, Inc., are merging their expertise to create the premier provider of UV and LED curing technology across the globe.

Baldwin, the world leader in highly reactive UV, LED UV and IR drying systems, has acquired Air Motion Systems, the world’s leading provider of LED UV curing technology for the graphic arts industry, expanding its position as the number one customer choice within the market.  The new entity of Baldwin, part of the $2+ billion Barry-Wehmiller family of companies, will rebrand as AMS SPECTRAL UV and combine AMS with Baldwin’s UV division. AMS SPECTRAL UV locations will continue to grow their operations in River Falls, Wisconsin; Easton, Pennsylvania; and Slough, U.K. 

“This acquisition marks the beginning of a new era in providing high-performance solutions for the UV industry,” said AMS SPECTRAL UV President Steve Metcalf. “We’re bringing the top industry minds, technology and experience together to tap an unprecedented opportunity in LED and UV, and to serve an ever-widening range of markets and applications.”

The AMS LED UV product portfolio has become the de-facto standard for LED curing in sheetfed offset printing and flexo packaging, with an installed base nearly 10 times that of its nearest competitor. Complementing this technology, Baldwin’s UV division has vast experience in highly reactive UV curing and numerous LED applications outside of traditional print markets. Further, the new curing-technology entity will leverage a massive base of experience serving OEM and industrial markets.

“What AMS SPECTRAL UV will provide customers is a doubling of research and development, engineering, manufacturing capacity and service to meet their growing needs in the market,” said Pat Keogh, one of the commercial leaders of AMS SPECTRAL UV. “We are proud to continue to offer innovative solutions in a new world being driven by the rapid advancement in UV and LED curing technologies.”

According to market intelligence provider Yole Development, the total value of the UV LED market worldwide is projected to grow to US$1 billion-plus in the next five years. AMS SPECTRAL UV aims to capture a large share of the anticipated market by leveraging the scale and resources of Baldwin which, through its global footprint, supplies process-automation equipment and related consumables, parts and services for the print, film, corrugated, textile and paper and packaging industries.

“The establishment of AMS SPECTRAL UV strengthens our ability to provide value to our existing customers while remaining responsive to emerging market opportunities,” said Brent Becker, CEO of Baldwin.  “This exciting investment underscores our commitment to a strategy that blends organic and acquisition growth to enhance our global footprint and the technology we can deliver to our customers.”

Press Release, May 2016 - Baldwin Technology at DRUPA 2015 in Düsseldorf (Hall 16 / Stand A23):

Baldwin introduces Broadband LED UV,

the ultimate LED UV technology for all printing applications


Combining our 45 years of conventional UV application experience with the recent success in low energy curing to create the ultimate LED UV technology for all printing applications, Baldwin launches the new UVed™ Flex, an ultra-compact modular LED UV single and multi frequency (Broadband UV) system suitable for Ink jet, Web, Flexo and Litho applications. The Broadband LED UV, which was launched at DRUPA 2016, allows conventional UV chemistries in many applications. A further development of the successful high power UVed™ is the new innovative and patented interchangeable UV lens technology, to ensure optimised pure UV performance at the ink/coating surface.

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